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Providing balanced and well-rounded canine training services

Owner and Founder, Sean Dumais, has worked with  working dogs for most of his life. After years of watching other trainers and different training methods fall short, he began to search for a better way.  Sean believes that in order for dog to be a good member of society, it must be effectively trained to do so by its own free will and not by compulsion.


After many years of searching, Sean found an institution that provided training to trainers that yielded the results he was looking for. Sean graduated from Top Tier K-9 in Madison, Florida,  where he learned the means and methods to train both canines and their handlers. 

Central Wisconsin K-9, LLC applies those fundamental training methods to each one of their programs to provide real, proven results for both dogs and handlers. 

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Central Wisconsin K-9 was founded to provide industry-leading training, using the most effective, well-balanced methods available. Teaching techniques are constantly evolving,  yet many trainers seem to be stuck using the old "tried and true" methods of yesteryear that don't yield the results we desire.


We aim to break that mold and move canine communication and training forward into the current era.  Our team is constantly attending trainings and educating ourselves on new and different techniques to provide the best training program possible to our clients.

Here at Central Wisconsin K-9, we don't believe in buying customers for life, but instead, empowering clients to learn how to continue to build on their dogs training whether it be at home or in the field, without the need to constantly return for additional services. 


We are not teaching your dog to simply do a few tricks, but giving you and your companion an effective, easy to understand communication method in which you can use to build future behaviors.


We provide a wide variety of services to meet your needs.  Whether your family just adopted a new puppy that needs basic obedience or your police department needs a K-9 trained, Central Wisconsin K-9, LLC has a program right for you.  

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