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About Basic Obedience Training

In the 4-week Basic Obedience Program your dog will learn five basic commands:

  • Here

  • Sit

  • Down / Lay Down

  • Heel

  • Climb


Often clients will tell us their dog already can perform these commands, but when asked to demonstrate it,  the command may have to be given multiple times, excessive body motion or coaxing, or the dog will do the command and get right back up and wander off.


Dogs need a solid communication system to fully comprehend what is being asked of them and this is where many fail. Once done with our Board & Train Program, your dog will not only have a full understanding of of those five commands, but better yet, will have a communication system in place that you can continue to build off of for years to come.


Over the years, canine psychology has been studied and dissected.  It has been proven that weekly classes, given in a group setting, for an hour at a time, have a marginal success rate of less than 3%. Solo classes given on a one-on-one basis have a slightly better result with about 8%-10% success. With these low success rates, many times the trainer blames the handler for not keeping up the training at home.  


Central Wisconsin K-9 believes that you are paying us to train your dog, not to tell you to train it yourself at home. When your dog graduates our program it is ready to go and will be able to perform the commands above. Of course, the responsibility to maintain and further the training does fall on you, but we will provide the initial training services. 

Questions about this program or any other?  We're here to help.  Contact us

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